VITO Quality, Safety and Environment

To fulfill its mission, the policy of VITO is to integrate quality, health & safety and environmental characteristics into the scope of its business, viewing them as opportunities for improvement. By clicking on the link below you will find the integrated Quality, health & safety and environment policy declaration.


Via the implementation of these guidelines, VITO strives towards the continuous improvement of its quality, health & safety and environmental performances, through measurable objectives and management regulations.

The key principles are the following:

  • Compliancy to the legal requirements.
  • Proactive management by taking the necessary preventive measures to avert injuries or illness and any environmental damage.
  • Eliminate QHSE incidents.
  • Promotion of safe and environmentally conscious behaviour among all employees.
  • Consistently provide high standard services that  meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Continuous improvement.

The directors and managers fully commit themselves and expect all co-workers to fully implement these policy principles on a daily basis, inside and outside the organisation.

VITO is certified for:

VITO expects that third parties who are working on the VITO sites adhere to the following rules:


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