VITO Chemistry - Analyse and detect

Analyse and detect

All too often, biological residual and waste streams are still processed into animal feed, converted into biogas or lost as waste. VITO wants to increase the recuperative value of these residual streams based on a further analysis.

Is biomass profitable?

There still are many question marks regarding the true potential of biomass. Where exactly can its economic value be found? And what is this value? To be able to answer these questions, a thorough analysis and quantification of the valuable components in waste streams are crucial.

Much more than energy alone

We all know about energy from biomass. But the potential is much greater, especially if we perform cascade extraction of biomass from waste streams. High-quality chemicals, chemical building blocks, vitamins, colours, antioxidants and flavourings are often within reach. And after processing the process also yields bio-aromatic building blocks, modified pectins and polypeptides. Many of these components are used in the pharmaceutical sector, the cosmetics industry or as food supplements.

VITO's vast analytical knowledge and specific tools make it possible to:

  • judge the chemical and economic value of biomass
  • understand and control the production, separation and conversion processes
  • judge the economic chances of success for recycling and valorisation

Generic analysis platform and custom processes

VITO has developed a generic platform for complex inorganic and organic analyses. It can map out almost all types of components in biomass based on a series of generic wide-spectrum analysis methods, which can also be quickly modified to suit the requirements of a specific question.

Apart from the platform, we have a large number of analysis methods available for specific components and perform ad-hoc development of new tools in consultation with our customers.