VITO Chemistry Efficient reactions

Efficient reactions

VITO develops (bio)chemical processes based on alternative raw materials and optimises them by combining conversion and separation in a single reactor concept. In this way we create continuous processes with a higher efficiency, less waste and a wide range of industrial applications.

Breakthroughs in industrial (bio)chemical processes

The major breakthroughs in the development of new biocatalysts  (micro-organisms and enzymes) provide opportunities to design new biochemical and bioelectrochemical processes. But, thanks to a wide range of alternative substrates, VITO can also synthesise a large number of new or drop-in (bio)chemicals using existing (bio)catalysts. By creating smart combinations of chemical and biochemical conversions, VITO can develop efficient processes – for bulk, fine chemicals and food additives, on a lab and (semi-)pilot scale.

Improved (bio)chemical processes

VITO achieves most of the optimisation by combining conversion and purification in a single reactor. The application of this integration of separation technology in chemical and biochemical processes yields major process-engineering, ecological and economic benefits in the chemical and food industry:

  • in-situ recuperation of toxic products or products with an impact on the pH
  • more efficient chemical reactions by filtering out product and shifting the reaction equilibrium
  • reduction of solvent use for reactions in a diluted environment
  • improved control of partial reactions by feeding reagents via membranes
  • integration of electrodes and membrane filtration in a single unit
  • immobilisation of catalysts (also enzymes and bacteria)
  • equally pure or purer final product compared to a batch process
  • reduced requirement of raw materials per kg product (process mass intensity)
  • reduced waste
  • simple and fast upscaling
  • compact reactors at production scale
  • reduced investment and operational costs
  • shorter time-to-market                  

Our added value

VITO is a reliable partner in each phase of the development and roll-out of your new industrial processes:

  • design of alternative or integrated processes based on membranes, tailor-made for your application (biochemical, enzymatic and microbial reactions)
  • testing and fine-tuning of new and combined processes in extensive lab facilities and pilot installations
  • providing support during the implementation of the new process on an industrial scale (with technological and economic analyses)