VITO Chemistry Membranes and Electrodes

Membranes and Electrodes

The success of complex separation and conversion processes hinges on the quality of their functional components. VITO develops products and concepts for innovative technologies in the domain of membrane technology and electrochemistry.

Immediately usable product development

VITO develops polymeric, ceramic and hybrid membranes. These can be improved or changed chemically or physically via grafting or coating. Our micro- and nanomembranes are suitable as separating layers for water treatment, biomass filtration, biorefining and solvent filtration. However, membranes not only act as a sieve. We also use them as partitions, reactors or adsorbents with a view to intensifying processes.

When developing electrodes and stacks, VITO focuses on applications for electroconversion and separation, either combined with membranes or not.

VITO has excellent production equipment for film casting (flat panels and tube shapes) or cold rolling at a lab scale and semi-industrial scale. We engage multidisciplinary teams with combined knowledge of chemical and materials engineering, mechanical engineering, product design and scientific modelling.

VITO as a partner

VITO is happy to make its knowledge available to the industry. We are your primary partner for:

  • R&D and consultancy for the production of prototypes or small series of membranes and electrodes.
  • Consultancy for the characterisation of films and porous structures.
  • Developing new products or new applications in open innovation.
  • Marketing new products via spin-offs or licence agreements.
  • Internships and doctorate programmes in an application-oriented, multidisciplinary environment.