VITO Chemistry - New value chains

New value chains

In the transition to a biobased economy, it is crucial for us to make optimum and sustainable use of biomass. For this VITO develops and monitors new value chains.

From production to end user

VITO creates a clear value chain for the use of biomass: from the production of the biomass, via transport, conversions and distribution to the end user. To secure this value chain-based thinking, VITO performs policy assessments, supports the policymakers and prepares techno-economic analyses for the implementation of newly developed technologies.

Early and combined valuation

VITO approaches value chain-based thinking from a double perspective:

  • An integrated approach to the entire biobased value chain helps to better understand the reaction of the market, public opinion and the policymakers, and to anticipate these.
  • A techno-economic assessment analyses the impact of technical and economic changes on the financial feasibility of a new development.

VITO starts performing this analysis at a very early stage and prefers to uncover the critical parts of the value chain immediately, within a wider market perspective. We then ask critical questions from a multidisciplinary perspective, select the correct tools and test schedules, and translate the technology into market applications. Quite soon this also allows us to perform very broad simulations, such as increased prices for the base material and the effect of this on the feasibility and efficiency of the technology.

Naturally, our techno-economic analysis becomes more refined and precise as the technology is developed and the value chain is defined more clearly.

VITO as a partner

The VITO model is very widely applicable. Companies can use it for crucial O&O decisions, authorities and research institutes use it to make decisions about investments in research projects.

Among other things, VITO has used this model for the Energy Conversion Park project for IOK Afvalbeheer. In this case it resulted in the investment decision to evolve from a compost facility into a bio-energy producing plant for biogas in the near future.

New value chains on the VITO research agenda

“Biomass to aromatics”; “CO2 to chemicals” and “Algae as a raw material”.