VITO Chemistry Separation Technologies

Separation processes

Increase in efficiency of (bio) chemical processes by combining reaction and membrane technology. Sustainable operations and a circular economy require higher-performing separation processes. VITO is working on solutions to the treatment of process streams and integrates technologies to form an efficient whole.

Wide area of application

Our separation processes are suitable for isolating reaction products, purifying and reusing solvents and recovering valuable components from waste and secondary streams. We combine our process expertise (filtration, extraction, adsorption) with application expertise from different sectors of industry (chemistry, pharmacy, food, textiles, metal, surface treatment, etc.).

Together with you we select the best separation technology and test its feasibility at our lab or directly in the production environment. VITO has a wide selection of specialised equipment available on a lab and pilot scale. If there is no suitable technology on the market, we will initiate an innovation process ourselves.

Apart from the treatment of diluted or concentrated aqueous streams, we also offer specific expertise and installations for the treatment of organic solvents.

Optimum choice and linking of separation processes

We combine marketable and innovative technologies to evaluate which solution is the most suitable for making the transition to more sustainable operations. Here we not only consider the performance of the separation itself, but we also evaluate the wider impact of the process change. An example of this is the valorisation of new secondary streams, such as the typical concentrate streams with membrane processes.

Apart from linking separation steps, we also specialise in the integration of separation processes with chemical and biological conversion processes (fermentation, enzymatic) for in-situ recovery of products from reaction mixtures. Furthermore, by integrating membrane technology, certain reactions suddenly become possible or much more efficient than before.

Research into processes and technologies

VITO invests in the development of new processes for the recovery of raw materials. We combine filtration processes and electrochemical principles and use materials with a specific affinity for hydrophilic or hydrophobic components to achieve greater selectivity.

Apart from increasing the separation efficiency, we also optimise power consumption. One example is the research into new technologies for the valorisation of salt streams to power generation (salt gradient power).