Promotional and demonstration projects for sustainable technologies

Thanks to the support from the Flemish government, you will receive a direct reduction of 66% on the VITO invoice for a feasibility study, a test on a laboratory scale, a pilot test, or a test within your company that allows you to screen innovative and sustainable ideas, and to optimise or validate products and/or services. VITO will take responsibility for the subsidy; all you have to handle as an SME is the content.

What projects are eligible?

  • Is sustainable manufacturing or production your objective, or are you seeking to set up a circular business plan?
  • Want to know whether your company can achieve the same outcome or can do even more, using less water or by re-using water?
  • Do you want to utilise waste flows or by-products?
  • Are you convinced that you can run your processes using less energy, or is energy recovery your aim?
  • Do you intend to maximise your own use of sustainably generated energy and/or is energy storage one of your objectives?