From 23 October to 19 November, the air quality along four routes in Mechelen was measured by Meet Mee Mechelen. 24 enthusiastic cyclists each measured the concentrations of particulate matter using mobile sensors during the morning and evening rush hour and this over the course of two weeks.

Flanders will be confronted with structural water shortages in the future. This is demonstrated by figures from the Flemish Environment Agency. To tackle this challenge, the Flemish Government wants to encourage government institutions, individuals and businesses to deal rationally with water. VITO’s Water Knowledge Centre (Vlakwa) shows cities and municipalities how to evolve into ‘Water-Wise Cities’.

Meet the Antwerp Green Tool: an online application that provides insight into the benefits of urban green space. VITO developed the app at the request of the city of Antwerp, which wants to take a more focused approach to making the city green and thus improving the quality of life in the city.

What is the state of building energy efficiency in Flanders? And where do collective renovations make sense? Families with renovation plans, but also towns and cities, grid operators and contractors are looking for user-friendly tools. VITO/EnergyVille has developed two tools that contribute substantially to Flemish renovation policy.

More and more Flemish cities and municipalities are rolling out plans to become climate neutral. In this way they are contributing to the worldwide transition to a low-carbon society and at the same time working on a resilient and more liveable city. Reliable data is indispensable to making this local transition successful. With the Flemish Energy Balance and the municipal CO2 inventories, VITO/EnergyVille is supplying the necessary data for a solid energy and climate policy in Flanders.