VITO Energy Interfaces for electricity storage

Interfaces for electricity storage

Our society is moving towards a low-carbon energy supply that will provide guaranteed continuity, stable prices and will have a minimal impact on the environment. When it comes to energy, flexibility is crucial. In that regard, EnergyVille is working on the development of short-term and long-term electricity storage facilities.

Making electricity more flexible

EnergyVille is an expert in providing a suitable interface between electricity storage units and their associated systems. The purpose of the hardware and software components involved is to make energy consumption within those systems more efficient, more flexible and more cost-effective.

EnergyVille is focusing on two areas of innovation in particular:

  • Battery management – Specialised battery management systems make batteries more reliable, more predictable and more cost-effective.
  • Integration of storage units – EnergyVille is developing flexible systems that make use of various types of electricity storage units (batteries, ultra-capacitors etc.)

A customised approach

EnergyVille possesses a great deal of expertise and IP in the area of battery management technologies. That means that we are an ideal partner for the

  • Development of customised battery management systems. These provide a much higher performance than the products currently available on the market.
  • The design and implementation of mixed storage systems. We can rely on our team of experts in electricity markets, control algorithms and electrical systems.
  • Battery lab and evaluation of storage systems. We achieve this by means of our extensive expertise in battery testing and our research on the safety aspects of electricity storage.

You will receive technological solutions that will assist your product development process. Our industrial partners make use of our technologies and the knowledge and experience of our researchers in order to develop products of their own.

VITO is also an important partner in the integration of electricity storage into specific final applications, such as rapidly rechargeable electric vehicles or energy hubs for urban districts, railway stations or ports.

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