VITO Energy Fysical integration of renewable energy sources

Physical integration of renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources are being used more and more frequently nowadays as part of the energy landscape and are appearing in increasingly diverse forms. EnergyVille is investigating what electricity networks can do in order to integrate these new elements in the most effective manner.

Applied research into renewable energy

EnergyVille aims at the realisation of a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy supply. Our research is sub-divided into five topic areas:

  • The technical interaction between generation and electricity load, including storage: flexibility within the electricity grid, support services, the integration of renewable energy sources, etc.
  • The operational management of electrical systems by means of optimised scheduling within the operator's various domains.
  • The planning of electrical energy systems.
  • Controllable energy networks (HVDC, FACTS, ...): planning, operation and security.
  • A reliable energy supply: a risk-based and deterministic analysis into reliability.