Smart energy city and district planning

Local communities and cities play a crucial role in efforts to combat climate change. VITO and EnergyVille help both the EC and regional and local authorities to attain the energy targets set for sustainable city development.

Tailor-made tools and advice

Each municipality has its own characteristics and opportunities. Given this fact, VITO and EnergyVille offer municipalities several tools and provide them with the tailor-made advice they will need to formulate policy objectives, action plans and reports.

Our focus lies on urban energy innovation, the use of building materials and mobility. We attach great value to quality and to interaction with our clients.

Supervision and quality incentives

Sustainable urban development and the transition to other forms of energy result in extensive and complex projects. VITO and EnergyVille offer local authorities and project developers independent supervision: a quality incentive. Based on our experience and expertise, we provide advice on the entire approach to be adopted: potential, techniques, policy climate, collaboration structures, communication and financing.

VITO in action

We draw on our extensive expertise, experience and models to evaluate energy performance, costs and the impact of policy measures like the following on the environment and society:

  • General developments like energy consumption patterns, fluctuations in energy prices, the economic relevance of social sectors, the scarcity of materials, population growth and ageing, etc.
  • Energy policy infrastructure: smart grids, multifunctional and flexible building and transport modalities, etc.
  • Energy performance, analyses and the costs involved during the life cycle of materials and housing where urban and district planning are concerned.

Added to the above, our clients trust the knowledge we have gained of industry in relation to tax reforms and policy indicators and also our specific approach (the Living Lab test projects, for example).

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