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On 8th June 2009, Research Foundation Flanders and VITO signed a protocol to fund 2 additional doctorates next to the FWO doctoral mandates that are granted annually. On 21th March 2013, a similar protocol was signed for postdoc mandates. In 2019 2 SBO doctorates were added. This procedure starts by submitting a standard application for an FWO research mandate. Applicants who are ranked high enough, but not high enough to get funding can apply at VITO to conduct their research at VITO.

What are the conditions to qualify for a VITO-FWO mandate?

  • You applied for a FWO mandate and were ranked high enough to qualify for an FWO funding.
  • Despite your high ranking, you did not get funding
  • Your research topic is situated in one or more of the following strategic VITO research domains:
    • Sustainable Energy
    • Sustainable Materials Management
    • Sustainable Chemistry
    • Sustainable Health
    • Sustainable Land Use

Your file will be forwarded to VITO

  • This is done as soon as you authorise FWO to forward your file to VITO
  • You can choose to do it yourself

What is the procedure once your file has reached VITO?

  • Your file will be submitted to the research group at VITO that matches your topic. They will decide whether they are interested in your research.
  • If the research group is interested, they will contact you and your promotor to discuss the conditions of a possible collaboration.
  • If the parties have come to an agreement (signed cooperation agreement is necessary for effective start), the (slightly modified)  proposal is presented to the Research Director who will make the final selection of topics taking into account:
    • Whether the proposal is consistent with the VITO research strategy
    • The research priorities of VITO.

In case of selection, the applicant can start on 1 November, together with the FWO mandates, already granted in the normal round.

A signed cooperation agreement between the university and VITO is required. VITO finances half of the study grant. This is arranged directly with the FWO. The largest part of the research (80%) will be carried out on the VITO site and under the supervision of VITO.