Technically complex and a challenge for you to compile a IUCLID dossier and a chemical safety report?

VITO Health - CLP and REACH

VITO’s experts know the ins and outs of the REACH legislation and can support you at each step of the risk assessment process.


Need to fill gaps? With modelling or testing?

We will assist you from start to end and design with you the most reliable and cost-effective integrated test strategy;  starting with computerized models;  QSARs (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship) and read across programs and if testing is necessary perform in vitro testing and ecotoxicity testing in our GLP certified laboratories. We will perform the chemical safety assessment in Chesar, and refine if needed with higher tier exposure models or measurements.

VITO can compile an authorisation application, including the socio-economic analysis.

Not sure? Remaining questions? Dossier follow up?

VITO’s experts are at your disposal.

We can compile or review your dossier to meet the REACH requirements.

When authorities come up with technical questions, we will assist you getting a dossier and substance approval, and authorisation.


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