Technologies for health monitoring

VITO is currently developing solutions that will make personalised health monitoring a reality. Nowadays, mobile measuring instruments and sensors can be used in order to determine the state of a patient's health.

Objective advice can help medical practitioners make an active contribution towards a patient's health. Not only does this enable doctors, nurses and other care-providers to go about their everyday work more efficiently, but it also enables them to have a greater impact on their patients' health.

Increase healthy years of life?

As a partner involved in developing the necessary technology, VITO aims to make its contribution towards preventative medicine, and against the backdrop of our ageing society, this is actually an important task.

After all, the quality of the healthcare we receive is what is enabling us to live longer.

The next task facing the healthcare sector is to increase the number of years that we spend in a state of good health, which is why maintaining health and preventing ill-health are crucial concepts in that regard. Smart technologies and mobile health applications (mHealth), which VITO is helping to develop), will play an important part in fulfilling this task.

VITO has the ability to bring together the best of two worlds - a broad experience in the use of sensor technology, apps and portal applications and an in-depth knowledge of the relationship that exists between health, environment and lifestyle. VITO is in a position to utilise its knowledge in the context of partnerships, with the aim of translating technological innovations to specific applications for the healthcare sector and including a validation process and relevant market research.