The European project Human Biomonitoring for Europe (HBM4EU) started in January 2017. HBM4EU investigates which chemical substances we are exposed to and what consequences this has for our health. The results are translated into specific measures for policy makers. 28 countries are participating in the project.

Science and policy for a healthy future

Chemical substances are not only present in the air, in food and drinking water, but also in consumer products such as plastic boxes or toys, clothing, care products … HBM4EU measures which substances occur in our body and whether they are or can be harmful. This is done on the basis of blood, hair and urine samples from volunteers in the participating countries. The partners collect information and assess the risks. They examine whether gender, nutrition, living area and socio-economic status have an impact on exposure to chemicals. European agencies can use the information to adjust their policy recommendations. A national hub was also set up in each participating country to quickly translate research results into specific policy measures. VITO plays a coordinating role in the project.

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