The Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) is aimed at cities, companies, knowledge institutions, project developers and citizen organisations working on sustainable smart cities. The platform collects instructive examples, processes the results into knowledge, and offers inspiring stories.

Telling a story

The SCIS website bundles more than one hundred projects subsidised by Europe. The goal: to create a one stop shop for cities and city-based stakeholders working on a sustainable future. The platform gathers inspiring examples around energy technology, mobility & transport, energy-efficient building & renovation and the role of IT in integrating it all. SCIS was launched at the request of the European Commission. VITO is coordinating the project and is analysing fifty projects in order to distil a common knowledge base. It is also strongly focusing on a user-friendly website and a storytelling approach to share general insights and specific examples. The project will result in local, regional, national and European policy recommendations.

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