Our managers guide their teams with a clear vision for the future and are driven by the financial, project-related and people-oriented aspects of our work. They create the conditions that allow our employees to outperform in their roles and deliver results as a team. Our managers put our employees first. Their coaching management style ensures employees are able to progress in their career and talent is harnessed to maximum effect.

Available Jobs



In the Sustainable Materials Management unit, approximately 100 passionate employees are committed to speeding up the transition towards a circular economy, whereby materials retain as much value as possible. We focus on social innovations with policy-makers and companies, as well as technological innovations. In order to do so, we rely on our leading technology platforms involving waste and recycling technology, powder processing and moulding and ceramic materials. We collaborate with industrial companies and other knowledge institutions to develop applications in this field and bring them to market. Examples include new building materials from industrial residual flows, catalysts with 3D printing, materials for batteries and green chemistry, as well as functionalized sorbents. We are seeking an additional manager to further develop this innovative technological research.


  • You coordinate and manage one or more project groups within the SuMAT unit (approx. 20 employees) in order to ensure that the specified objectives relating to the acquisition and implementation of contracts and projects are achieved.
  • You determine, test and implement the strategy of the assigned project groups in the long term; in addition, you also help establish the unit's strategy.
  • You manage the employees and supervise and motivate them to achieve the specified objectives. You attach great importance to their continual development, a positive attitude and a good working environment.

  • You promote research and the development of new services and products. You ensure that the right competencies are developed and that the necessary infrastructure is provided.

  • You supervise the researchers in the acquisition of contracts and maintain good relationships with clients.

  • You are responsible for monitoring and planning expenditure and income from the ongoing projects.

  • You represent and promote, both internally and externally, projects and services offered by the project groups assigned to you, and carry out the necessary networking activities for this. 

  • You liaise with both internal and external clients (such as the scientific community, international institutions, industry and the government).

  • You report to the unit manager and are a member of the management team.

  • You draw up the annual budget.