This PhD will considerably advance the state-of-the-art in optimal valorization and aggregation of energy flexibility by developing, integrating and exploiting novel algorithms for the dynamic quantification of uncertainty and risks regarding energy flexibility.

· In the state-of-the-art of flexibility research, emerging uncertainty is explored and sampled when modelling and optimizing flexibility, but precise definitions and quantifications are lacking.

· This uncertainty will be quantified during this PhD research, using appropriate data science techniques to calculate the risk-of-unexpected-unavailability of the flexibility that was offered earlier, and that take this risk into account when valorizing the energy flexibility in different applications and markets. The result will be that a larger scala of flexibility carriers and types can be valorized.

· The risk factors will be explored and quantified from the points-of-views of the flexibility buyer and the flexibility provider, and applied/adapted to a broad spectrum of energy generating/consuming device types. Ultimately the goals is to provide an approach that can be applied to any type of energy flexibility carriers, including those that cannot be explicitly modelled using a white box or grey box approach

· Novel optimization algorithms will be developed that maximize the reward functions for either and both points-of-view in the context of current and future energy and energy-flexibility markets.


Collaboration with University of Ghent
Registration deadline: 29/07/2019





  • You hold a Master's degree in electrical engineering, software engineering, mathematical engineering, data science.
  • You are fluent in English, both oral and written.


The PhD student receives a PhD grant from the University of Ghent.
VITO concludes a financing agreement with the University of Ghent, with VITO undertaking to provide an annual allowance matching the net remuneration of an assistant, plus management costs. The University of Ghent will pay the selected PhD student a PhD grant matching the before mentioned net amount.