Glad to welcome you at VITO’s offices for an interview, paying a visit at our facilities or for your start.

internationale tewerkstelling VITO

Our offices and labs are located in Flanders. You can find them in Mol (head office and lab facilities), Genk (office and lab-facilities “EnergyVille”), Antwerp (satellite work place and office space), Gent (limited office space) and Kortrijk (office).

The innovative cleantech research at VITO is performed in the many offices, labs and technical support spaces including extensive infrastructure and equipment. Take a virtual tour of VITO.

Each Flemish region VITO is active in, offers lots of opportunities with reference to housing, spare time activities, sports, shopping, restaurants, education and/or day care.

Considering visiting VITO Belgium?

As a visitor from abroad it may be appropriate to be well prepared for your visit to Belgium and Flanders.

Interesting information to be found here:

Thinking about applying for a job @ VITO or ‘working’ here?

We are pleased to welcome fellow workers in research positions, PhD candidates, post-docs, masterstudents, guest researchers and internships from all over the world.

For “International Support” you can count on the assistance of the International Office VITO. Please address your questions and/or requirements to:

The International Office is the place to be with all your questions and this before, during and after your stay. From an “international point of view” these questions can differ quite a lot:

  • Visa, work license and work card, residence permit
  • Social security: contribution, refund medical costs; child allowance, yearly vacation
  • Recognition of diplomas, Intellectual property rights
  • Bank and insurance matters, salaries, taxes
  • Education, day care
  • Cultural aspects, language

In addition to a specific support and customized guidance we have a welcome program for international staff with topics that are relevant to them.

Any questions? Find out more in the Q&A document.

VITO has 100 international researchers

VITO attracts an increasing number of researchers from all over the world. In the autumn of 2016, we exceeded the number of 100 international colleagues working at VITO. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we talked to number 100 herself: Ke Wang from China. Read the interview.

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