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Sustainable Cities

Cities are striving to combat the same problems throughout the world: from poor air quality and so-called heat islands to challenges relating to quality of life and socio-economic growth. Policy measures and actions determine whether these problems are addressed successfully and put cities on the road to the achievement of sustainable urban development. However, an adequate response to this body of rules and actions is not obvious.

VITO helps and advises

VITO offers tools and advice designed to help cities to draw up climate plans and objectives. Our experts are pleased to extend a helping hand on various aspects that result in sustainable urban development.

The tools, advice and help provided focus on matters like urban mapping, mobility solutions, smart infrastructure, air quality, material use and water management. However, the scope of our activities is actually far broader, as we always set our sights on the adoption of an integral approach and client-oriented interaction.

High-quality supervision

Sustainable urban development is an extensive and complex project. Given this fact, it may be best to have an independent supervisor – just as would be true for any other large-scale project. This keeps the implementers of the sustainability project focused and ensures that errors are avoided. VITO has taken on this role for governments and other administrators. Based on our experience, we provide an expert assessment of the approach adopted, taking into consideration the possibilities of the techniques selected, the collaboration structures, communication and financing.

Extensive service provision

VITO assesses the current status of urban development processes, identifies the impact of the action taken or suggests policy alternatives. For example, we streamline planing policies on land use, perform social cost-benefit analyses or calculate the life cycle cost. We also focus on specific subjects, such as the development of air quality models on a micro scale and urban climate assessments. Our clients also rely on our knowledge of international benchmarks and success indicators for their climate policy. They also rely on our unique approaches, such as those adopted in the living labs – test projects – we set up.

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