Worldwide, the traffic and transport sector is experiencing the biggest ever increase in emissions of greenhouse gases and fine particulates, amongst other things.

VITO Land Use Greener Mobility

Given this fact, it is important for both humans and the environment that this sector makes some progress where the environment and efficiency are concerned. Many parties are working towards the achievement of the above. VITO is one of these parties.

A reliable partner

VITO is very familiar with the traffic and transport sector. As experience experts, we clearly identify current pollution effects and future transport scenarios. You can rely on our knowledge for the assessment of the economic and spatial consequences of policy choices, or on our reliable registration systems, in which driving behaviour can be registered and analysed. You can engage us as a partner for research projects on road, rail or water traffic.


Naturally, each form of transport has its own characteristics. Given this fact, VITO offers various tools and advice relating to the preparation of policy objectives, scenarios, action plans and reports. We focus on vehicle choice models, land use, the economic consequences of policy choices (such as road pricing), emissions and air quality and performance monitoring.

External costs and benefits

VITO is very adept in the calculation of the environmental costs of transport. Environmental costs of transport consist of the cost of air pollution, climate change and noise nuisance, but also of positive consequences like greater accessibility and more mobility options. Because transport is an important part of society, VITO also uses the ATLAS model to research the interaction between transport on the one hand and space use on the other hand.

General or specific

We use our expertise, experience and models to research environmental impact, external costs and other consequences of mobility decisions. We register and propose alternatives. You can rely on our insights where general developments are concerned (for example: the evolution of fuel prices), policy plans relating to mobility (for example: road works) and in relation to specific decisions (for example: road pricing).

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