What, where and how we build affects the environment in which we live and land use too. New-build and renovation projects must meet strict standards relating to planting, density and multifunctionality.

VITO Energy Smart energy city and district planning

VITO is helping to achieve future-proof urban planning.

Planning for the future

Residential districts generally remain in existence for many years. As such, renovations – designed to bring residential districts into line with future standards – are unavoidable. These renovations must be thorough if European standards are to be met. Added to this, new districts are needed too, because of population growth and the changing needs of the population. These districts must guarantee sufficient user comfort, the functionalities required and efficient land use.

VITO integrates and accelerates

VITO is involved in the construction of residential environments that are ready for the future. We carry out studies designed to establish an effective, integrated approach. We outline scenarios for building typologies and land use options and expose possible problems. VITO is also involved in projects that bridge the gap between renovation supply and demand and achieve sufficient 'critical mass'.

Planning for change

‘Planning for Change’ is a design and construction strategy that is based on the principle that our built-up environment will continue to evolve as a result of changing wishes and requirements. The object of the strategy: to create residential districts that support individual or social changes, anticipate the reuse of buildings and building materials and combat demolition waste and the exhaustion of materials.

VITO guides and researches

VITO is joining others in accepting these social challenges. We play a pioneering role in the proposal, assessment and co-creation of innovative solutions – together with governments, the building industry, project developers and designers. VITO also does research on the city of the future. This results in the realisation of collaboration models, methods and ambitious pilot projects. We also focus continually on the involvement, commitment and training of the citizens involved.

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