Water management costs our society vast amounts of money: we invest heavily in sanitation infrastructure, drinking water supplies, flood protection measures, the purification of waste water and the reduction of fertilisation pressure.

Cost-effective water management - VITO


Given the above, it is definitely worth establishing how to achieve our environmental targets as cost effectively as possible. VITO is working towards realisation of the above too.


The cost effectiveness of measures

How do we need to manage our water system to ensure that we achieve a good water status for the lowest cost possible? Since the introduction of the European Water Framework Directive, this is a question that has been considered throughout Europe. This framework directive explicitly requires the European member states to use economic analysis frameworks as decision-support tools.

Tools and methods

VITO develops tools and methods that show how to achieve water quality targets in a cost-effective manner. It looks at the cost-benefit ratio and at whether these costs are actually affordable for the various sectors. VITO does the same for water quantity policy. Water pricing is also important for integral water policy. VITO has experience in looking for alternative tariff structures that are designed to achieve better cost recovery, more sustainable water use and the honest distribution of contributions between the target groups.

Cost-effective water management - VITO

An experienced research team

The objective of our 'land and water management' research is to help governments and industry, prompted by new developments relating to European soil and water policy. This group consists of both economists and other experts. They work together to develop methods and models for the economic analysis of environmental problems. The spearheads for the team are as follows: the monetary valuation of environmental damage or environmental improvement, cost effectiveness analyses and cost-benefit analyses of environmental measures and economic policy instruments focusing on integral water policy.

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