Soil remediation and groundwater management require detailed and expert information. VITO characterizes groundwater pollution, determines risks and uses this information to advice on redevelopment of polluted areas.

Soil and groundwater management - VITO

Advice on soil and groundwater

VITO helps companies and administrations by providing them with objective research, advice, assessment and arbitration. VITO also implements new technologies and field instruments, develops procedures and protocols, carries out field research and prepares evaluations that help governments, industry and SMEs to make decisions related to soil and water management. The advice that VITO supplies can also be very case-specific.

VITO provides advice on:

  • redevelopment of brownfields
  • implementation of sound arbitration policy in the case of complex pollution, when encountered in for example residential areas and industrial areas
  • protection of drinking water supplies under the European Water Framework Directive
  • optimising soil remediation procedures and technologies

Experience and expertise

The VITO team consists of hydrologists, bio-engineers and, field and GIS experts. Their combined knowledge and experience is used for applied research and remediation projects related to:

  • soil water and ground water characterization

  • opinions and advice on soil and groundwater research and remediation, monitoring of pollution (including the fate and flow of contamination present in soil and groundwater)

  • assessment of risks to humans

  • remediation projects and the techniques necessary to address pollution, including audits of remediation projects

  • scientific advice in demonstration projects on innovative remediation techniques

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