Our water and soil are coming under increasing pressure from population growth, climate change and economic developments. More and better data are needed if these evolutions are to be monitored.

Water monitoring systems - VITO

VITO supplies these data via autonomous in-situ sensors for water and soil sensor networks.

Monitoring water and soil

VITO monitors soil and water via autonomous in-situ sensors for ground water and surface water via soil sensor networks and unmanned, mobile sensor platforms for water quality and quantity. We also offer policy-support applications that make it possible to monitor, observe and validate water and soil processes.

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Different applications

Amongst other things, VITO is considering a project that combines high resolution sensors for soil moisture with a soil hydrology model. The object underlying this project is to improve the irrigation of and water distribution over agricultural land, resulting in lower water use and a higher yield.

The Aqua Drone is an example of an application with in-situ sensors. We use this unmanned surface vessel to carry out hydrographic and water quality surveys (PDF) in shallow water at in places that are difficult to access. These vessels enable us to monitor water turbidity and algae bloom and also register the situations before and after dredging, for example, put together bathymetric maps or monitor water quality.

VITO AquaDrone operationele activiteiten

Our mobile water monitoring services (PDF) map out water quality for various water companies. We use mobile mapping to show pollution hot spots and we are also able to issue warning at an early stage when problems arise, by doing which we are supporting mitigation measures and solutions both efficiently and effectively.

VITO has also developed a control system for algae on the basis of vessels that show the water quality and carry out algae treatment. In this way, a policy-support management system helps to register, predict and treat algae in drinking water reservoirs.

Algen bloom monitoring - VITO

Algae bloom monitoring on the Sûre river in Luxemburg

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