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Natural raw materials are crucial for our economic system, but they are becoming increasingly scarce. VITO responds to this with projects involving sustainable raw materials management, closed material cycles and new business concepts.

A new perspective on materials

More value from materials. Sustainable raw materials management. Smart product design. Avoiding waste and maximising valorisation. Realising a circular economy.
These challenges aren’t new, but along with growing demand for resources and energy, they urge us to find useful solutions. And that is becoming a growing concern not only for governments and producers, but for consumers, too.

VITO advises governments and companies. On sustainable materials management and product life cycles. It helps companies to close loops. It develops and evaluates technologies. So higher-quality products can be made using fewer resources. And waste streams can also be better valorised more often.

Engage us as your independent expert and partner

VITO has a multidisciplinary research team which uses state-of-the-art infrastructure. On top of that it has access to a large network, in and beyond Flanders. Together we can make production more sustainable, close loops and redesign business models.

What can we do for industry and government?

VITO focuses on each part of the material cycle. We investigate material optimisation and develop new technologies. We look into the challenges our industrial customers are faced with. So they can optimise their processes and products with fewer resources and with advanced product specifications.
We research new opportunities for the valorisation of specific side and waste streams. Doing so, resources can circulate as long and as efficiently as possible within the economy. We are a partner for branch organisations and government bodies. We advise on manufacturing processes and techniques used, and we support policy makers in policy formulation and the application of legislation.