VITO Materials Design

Optimising products and processes

Creating innovative products from powders. VITO’s versatile and advanced shaping processes make it possible.   

VITO shapes your ideas

Making industrial processes more efficient, with reduced energy consumption and a higher productivity level. Improving existing products and new product development. With fewer resources, enhanced product quality and for new applications.

A technology partner for product innovation

VITO develops and tests technologies that enable industrial innovation and product development. We test at lab and demo scale and can provide tailor-made manufacturing for small series or prototyping.

With advanced techniques we treat metallic and ceramic powders, giving them unique properties. Shaping can be performed in various ways, 3D-printing being just one example. The output material can serve as a catalyst, sorption material, machine part, etc.

Furthermore, VITO has expertise in surface modification for better adhesion or better process or wear conditions. Treatment options are diverse, for example laser and plasma technology.