VITO developed an innovative plasma technology at normal atmospheric pressure to permanently change the surface of materials.

VITO Materials Plasma technology

Plasma technology and laser cladding

VITO develops advanced technologies for the coating and treatment of materials and surfaces. Knowledge of plasma technology and laser cladding is very specific here. These offer a wide range of industrial applications.

Sustainable and cost-effective plasma technology

By coating surfaces with the aid of plasma technology, they acquire a desired chemical or physical property. The fact that the technology can be applied at low temperatures and without solvents means that it is very environmentally friendly. In addition, there is usually a lower production price which is advantageous. The range of possible applications is vast. For example, plasma technology is useful for optimising surface bonding or for the application of anti-bacterial layers.

In 2017, the spin-off Apemco was founded, which builds and maintains plasma-machines based on VITO’s know-how. More information can be found on

VITO remains active in research and development to specific industrial applications of atmospheric plasma treatments. More information about our plasma technology services can be found on

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