VITO Materials Closing cycles

Valorising waste

Closing material cycles is crucial for the sustainable use of raw materials. After use, it would therefore be best for materials to return to their cycle. Valuable materials can often also be recovered from waste streams by industrial processing. VITO knows how.

Closing cycles and avoiding waste

VITO wants to close material cycles. Our innovations improve opportunities for material recycling. This is also the case when dealing with low-grade residues and waste streams. Remaining matrix materials have a second life in or as new products.

Revaluation of mineral waste

Our focus lies in the valorisation of mineral waste. Ferrous and non-ferrous slag, construction and demolition waste, bottom ash, dredging waste, industrial waste sludges, refractory waste material... we give them all a second life. VITO has state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology at its disposal.

VITO developed a technology to convert steel slag into a building material - Carbstone - through carbonation. VITO works on the recycling and recovery of landfill materials (enhanced landfill mining). Our researchers have developed new processes and products for the high-end use of construction and demolition waste.

Using our own software we model and optimise the separation processes of industrial waste streams, thus contributing to closing material cycles.

Read below about some successful cases and projects.