In the framework of the OECD project “Best Available Techniques for preventing and Controlling Industrial Chemical Pollution”, VITO’s knowledge centre BAT has mapped the environmental legislation of a number of EOSO members and partner countries, in particular the EU, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the United States of America. During a workshop in Paris on 21 an 22 November 2016, the first – successful –results of this project were presented to the expert working group. It was the perfect opportunity for a number of countries to exchange their knowledge and experiences regarding their environmental legislation, and in particular, the determination of the BAT or similar concepts and their implementation.

Objective of the OECD project

First, an exchange of information should take place regarding the policies for the prevention and control of industrial emissions, more specific, to avoid and control chemical pollution. The final purpose of the project is to offer the necessary information to administrations around the world, who have not yet implemented such policies, or who are taking their first steps. The development of a tool is one of the possibilities.

Round table on BBT in Moscow

At the request of the OECD, VITO’s BAT knowledge centre took part in a round table on BAT in Moscow a few months ago, establishing a first meeting with the heads of the Russian BAT centre. This Russian delegation was offered the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with the head of the European IPPC Centre, representatives of the European Commission, involved in the creation and implementation of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and EU member states with extensive experience in the implementation of BAT such as Belgium and Germany.

As is the case in Russia, South Korea has been working extensively on the development and implementation of integrated environmental regulation in recent years, in anology with the Industrial Emissions Directive. Experiences and questions regarding this topic were well represented during the workshop. The European BAT story that was launched in 1996 in the framework of the IPPC directive has now been expanded to many countries worldwide.

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