FoTTRIS kindly invites you to the Final conference of H2020 FoTRRIS project on March 27th in Brussels. The main research topic of FoTRRIS is ‘how to Foster a Transition towards Responsible R&I Systems’. FoTRRIS specifically defines ‘responsibility’ in terms of ‘sustainability’, and therefore connects RRI to ‘R&I for the SDGs.’ This approach should allow the R&I and Higher Education system to ‘join the partnership for the SDGs’ (SDG 17).

FoTRRIS also stands out for its systemic approach of the ‘grand challenges’; the SDGs are not a choice menu of separate R&I topics, but an integrated global agenda. This requires a radically new approach to R&I, in which systemic and transdisciplinary approaches and systemic interventions contributing to the values inherent in the SDGs are crucial. RRI in our definition is always CO-RRI: common good oriented and co-created. It is also a prerequisite for our economy to become truly circular (like a ‘doughnut’) by allocating (only) renewable resources to the needs of all living beings.

After two years of exploring how this transition of the R&I system can be facilitated, they are proud to present their results to you at the Final Conference on March 27th in Brussels.  

The Conference Programme is available online: fotrris-h2020.eu/fotrris-final-conference. All participants have the chance to participate in two break-out sessions, which are designed to be participatory and experiential.

They kindly ask you to register to the conference and choose the break-out sessions that most interest you. As the number of places is limited, make sure to join the conference soon.

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