​Limburg Startup is an open platform, a first-class start-up community, supported and developed by entrepreneurial Limburg with the aim of connecting existing start-up initiatives, strengthening start-ups and accelerating their growth processes.

By connecting all stakeholders from the broad start-up landscape, they accelerate young entrepreneurship in the province and boost entrepreneurship in the region. Because launching a business is not something you do on your own, but together with other partners, fellow entrepreneurs and organisations.

LSU expands with two new partners

Together with MIA-H, VITO joins the Limburg Startup partner network.

Walter Eevers, Director R&D at VITO: “The collaboration between VITO and LSU fits in seamlessly with our objective to bring our expertise to the market as a Flemish research organisation. VITO does this via a tech transfer office and by making our IP available via the Brilliant platform. I am very excited to support the success of LSU and to accelerate and strengthen the various start-up initiatives in Limburg.”

MIA-H is the name of the new fashion incubator accessories Hasselt. This incubator will mainly revolve around “fashionable wearables”, clothing or accessories that are fun and fashionable, but also use new technology. A garment with built-in heart rate monitor or a ring that changes colour.

Myriam Vanheusden, manager MIA-H: “I am impressed by the will to join forces in this province with the aim of guiding the start-ups and lifting it to a higher level. The operation of LSU appeals to me because all stakeholders from the broad start-up landscape are linked with one another. I am confident that we can learn from each other and further develop our expertise.”

All partners will be invited twice a year for a joint meeting. At the same time, there will be constant informal collaboration to connect all communities. Through these collaborations, in favour of the starter, we as an entrepreneurial region are taking a big step forward.

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