Next to Flemish government agencies, all police and fire departments, universities and colleges, local and provincial administrations, utilities and hospitals can now consult the VITO framework contract “Datacenters”.

This way, they can order ICT solutions without strict specifications while enjoying the best prices in the market. VITO monitors this and also provides the overarching governance. On the other hand, they can also benefit from the free presales advice and the independent vendor selection of Securitas.

To facilitate this comprehensive operation of the framework contract, the VITO-Securitas portal, www.vito-securitas.be, was launched today, enabling users to register and to get information. This portal will be the beating heart of the VITO-Securitas framework contract community.

The collaboration between VITO and Securitas has been in operation for over 5 years now through the previous framework contract. The new framework contract has been granted for 7 years and has a much wider scope in terms of technologies, vendors and potential users.

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Johan Vereecken