Mol, April 4, 2017: in Q1 of 2017, VITO realised the completion of a major technology transfer to its spin-off APEMCO (Atmospheric Plasma Equipment Manufacturing Company). This marks a new milestone in the valorisation of expertise in atmospheric plasma technology, in which VITO is one of the global authorities. It was the strength of VITO’s expertise and the associated patents that convinced investors of the opportunities to be gained from actively launching it onto the market. VITO remains active in research and development regarding specific industrial applications of atmospheric plasma treatment.

APEMCO was established by Claude Becker, a French researcher and entrepreneur, with support from three Flemish Business Angels. Regis Heyberger is responsible for the day-to-day management.  Together, they are responsible for the industrial implementation of the VITO technology and related services.

In collaboration with VITO’s long-standing partner AFS/Softal, APEMCO will build and support machinery to make the technology ready for true industrial implementation.

Atmospheric plasma technology is used to apply functional coatings in a durable way. Numerous applications have already been identified in the plastics and textiles industries, ranging from water and dirt-repelling surfaces to improved adhesion of virtually incompatible materials.

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Dirk Vangeneugden
Business development manager - VITO

Regis Heyberger

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