Today, EnergyVille got the green light for the implementation of a very ambitious new research on photovoltaic systems, thermal systems and optimally paired energy systems. The research will be developed in the context of the SALK programme and receives support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Flemish Minister of Science and Innovation Philippe Muyters, Deputy Prime Minister and Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein and Limburg Deputy of Economy Erik Gerits are joining forces and will support the plan financially.

In the context of this project, EnergyVille will expand its laboratory infrastructure and install new appliances. The expert teams will be introduced to at least 40 new researchers who will help stimulate technological innovation through integrated research agendas. This forms the basis for realising 14 groundbreaking demos by 2019, in which EnergyVille will test and optimise innovative technological concepts to attract national and international industrial partners.


Isabelle Borremans
EnergyVille - Communication

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