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From idea to reality in 6 months

As an entrepreneur, you are always on the look-out for the next opportunity. You already have your next project in mind, but how do you find the right technology and the right partners to make your idea a reality? VITO has been a pioneer of sustainable technologies for the past 25 years and is organising a series of unique co-creation programmes for Flemish companies that will give them an opportunity to work together to bring their ideas to life with VITO technology. VITO already launched the new concept of co-creation to realise this for others in a tight schedule, sc. 6 months for remote sensing, and will now repeat this for sensor networks and air quality on the one hand and organic streams viewed differently on the other hand.

The principles for co-creation range from inspiration to new business models that optimise business processes, to strengthening the competitive position or to facilitating new types of services. Sharing technological knowledge and innovative market insights between complimentary participants is also an important component. Moreover, VITO ensures maximum return on investment, as the co-creation process requires a minimal time investment and it is financed by co-funding. VITO also invests 280 research hours of VITO experts to test the technological and financial feasibility of the ideas.

SMEs are eligible to receive a grant from PRODEM.

Sensor networks and air quality

On 6 October, the programme sensor networks and air quality will start. For this, VITO works in close collaboration with relevant industry partners such as DSP Valley, Port of Ghent, Port of Antwerp, IoTBE and Living Tomorrow. These partners play an important role in finding interested companies and representing the potential end users of the ideas. In this co-creation programme, VITO brings together complementary participants to explore the opportunities for creating new business from air quality measurements and sensor networks. Possible fields of application include: smart cities, smart buildings, industry 4.0 and connected health. VITO makes its expertise available for the testing and validation of (new) sensors in lab environments, the development and implementation of calibration algorithms, measurements in ambient air (indoor and outdoor), and the creation of statistic and mobile monitoring networks, exposure measurements, spatio-temporal data processing and interpretation. These technologies can be used in process control, internet of things (loT), Big Data, Early Warning Systems and others.

More info: co-creatie.vito.be
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Organic streams viewed differently

In this co-creation programme, starting on 25 October, we will look at organic (waste) streams from another perspective together with the participating companies. Composting and fermentation are well-known operations. But alternative methods are just around the corner. these range from the extraction of useful substances to the reduction of the tonnages that need to be transported. Also the conversion to bioplastics, biochemical building blocks or other high-quality products are valid ambitions. Supporting partners in this project are Agropolis, Innovatiesteunpunt, Belorta, Food Port, Port of Ghent, POM West Vlaanderen, Flanders Food and Fabriek voor de Toekomst.

VITO uses its expertise and infrastructure for the analysis of organic waste streams, the determination of the techno-economic feasibility of alternatives, the development and testing of new process insights and products, the creation of new value chains and business models. Various opportunities in agriculture and fruit cultivation, the food industry, waste management … were thoroughly assessed and considered.

More info: co-creatie.vito.be
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For more information, please contact Bart Dooms: +32 14 33 67 26 | bart.dooms@vito.be

From cleantech start-up to international growth business

Co-creation fits in the larger picture to valorise VITO technologies by means of the Lifecycle strategy from applied research. As a result of VITO initiatives, companies of all sizes can enjoy effective support in every stage of growth, even across national borders. As the Flemish strategic research institute for sustainable technologies and development, we possess the right tools and expertise to make this possible. More info

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