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VITO partner in EU project on sustainable transport

Earlier this year, an LNG refueling station has opened in Kallo, Belgium, in the Port of Antwerp. It is the first station in Belgium and is strategically located to provide LNG to several heavy-duty vehicles, connecting key logistical coun¬tries within European corridors. Dutch, British and Belgian drivers will be the main beneficiaries. This station is part of the European project LNG Blue Corridors, financed by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). VITO is responsible for the data collection and evaluation of the whole project.

LNG Terminal

European project LNG Blue Corridors

The project was launched last year in Brussels, disposing of 7.96 M€ (total invest¬ments amounting to 14.33 M€) and involving 27 partners from 11 countries. The LNG Blue Corridors aims to establish LNG as a real alternative for medium & long distance transport - first as a complementary fuel and later as an adequate and more sustainable substitute for diesel. LNG scores better than diesel in the emis¬sion of greenhouse gas CO2, but most of all in the emission pollutants influencing the air quality. In the future, LNG could be replaced by Liquefied Biogas (LBG), which also has a much lower emission of CO2.

To accomplish this objective, the project has defined a roadmap of LNG refuelling points along four corridors covering the Atlantic area, the Mediterranean region and connecting Europe’s South with the North and its West and East accordingly. In order to implement a sustainable transport network for Europe, the project has set the goal of building 14 new LNG stations, both permanent and mobile, at critical locations along the Blue Corridors while building up a fleet of approximately 100 Heavy Duty Vehicles powered by LNG.

Developing Euro VI engines

Vehicle manufacturers participating in the project continue to develop Euro VI-compatible natural gas engines. New LNG trucks  equipped with these Euro VI technology are already ready and will be running in the weeks to come.

Data logging system

VITO is responsible for the data collection and evaluation of the whole demonstration project. Therefore, a data logging system will be used to track each LNG truck's performance. It consists of an on-board tool and back-end server in order to collect information and then further analyse it. The most important parameters such as fuel consumption, distance driven per trip and GHG emissions will be recorded and carefully analysed.

VITO’s expertise in this area made it to be selected as partner in this prestigious EU project. Projects like PREMIA, FLEAT, Volt Air and others demonstrate VITO’s expertise on evaluating demonstration projects.

You can access the website via this link: www.lngbluecorridors.eu/ (new window)

Please contact for more information on

the VITO expertise:
Tobias Denys
Project Manager
Tel. + 32 14 33 58 62

the LNG Blue Corridors:
Javier Lebrato
Project Manager
NGVA Europe
+32 478 94 91 64
www.ngvaeurope.eu (new window)

the refuelling station at Kallo:
Philippe Desrumaux
Project Manager
Drive Systems
+32 494 89 69 96
www.drivesystems.be (new window)

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