Batteries are everywhere, from the mobile phones in our pockets over the cars we drive up to the giant wind turbines that provide our electricity. As batteries have grown bigger and more powerful, so have the concerns about their safety under all circumstances.

A group of leading European companies has worked for three years on the world’s first set of standards and tests to assure the safety of such large battery systems based on Li-Ion technology. This in turn is crucial for letting the market in storage of electricity develop over the coming years, bringing with it the promise of investments and jobs.

The results were presented on Tuesday 10 March at the Energy Storage 2015 trade fair in Düsseldorf.

EU project Stallion on Li-ion safety

R&D organization EnergyVille/VITO led the Stallion-project to address the pressing need for safety standards on large-scale Li-ion stationary batteries systems. Such systems contain far more energy than the average battery for household applications or even electric cars. They are needed to support electricity grids and will be installed more and more frequently over the coming decade. This can only happen if safety is guaranteed at all times and under all circumstances.

The Stallion-project developed all the tests and checks that are needed for ensure such safety throughout the entire life of the battery. The tests cover everything from the production over installation, exploitation to decommissioning and recycling. The result is the very first comprehensive set of guidelines and standards in this field. This will allow companies to produce and deploy batteries on a large scale, knowing that they are safe and dependable.


The Stallion project :

  • Set up a system analyzing risks connected to large batteries
  • Developed a toolkit of tests and guidelines on how they should be used
  • Tested the newest generation of (safer) battery materials
  • Looked into additional technology for monitoring batteries
  • Created a website for battery standards
  • Provided a handbook  on safety for all stakeholders like cities, system integrators and electricity network operators


Stallion is the result of seven partners from five countries working together for three years. This consortium consists of ABB (CH+SE), Dispatch Energy (DE), Umicore (BE), CEA (FR), EnergyVille/VITO (BE), DNV Kema (NL) and VDE (DE).

The project worked together with the European Stabalid project on the same topic.

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