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HOUTHALEN – 14 January 2016 – Today, i-Cleantech Flanders proudly presents the first VLEEN network in the presence of the Minister of Energy Annemie Turtelboom. In this project, nine companies from different sectors will be working on energy efficiency in their own organisation, and this for a period of 4 years. During that period and under the coordination of EnergyVille and guidance of Encon, the companies will look for energy efficiency measures.

Effective and sustainable initiative in cooperation with Encon and EnergyVille

VLEEN stands for Flemish Learning Energy-Efficient Networks in which companies, for a period of 4 years look for energy efficiency measures in their organisation. The concept originated in Germany where already more than 260 companies (including L’Oreal, Michelin, Bayer and Procter & Gamble) have successfully completed their course in over 50 different networks. Thanks to 3118 actions, the companies all together saved 2 to 3 % on a yearly basis resulting in more than 60 million euros in savings. i-Cleantech Flanders has now introduced this effective and sustainable initiative to Flanders. To be sure that no savings potential remains undetected and to ensure that the savings projects yield an optimal return, i-Cleantech Flanders has called on energy expert Encon. Encon specializes in energy efficiency projects for companies. Their technical knowledge and years of experience ensure participating companies that they get quality, efficient and functional solutions. Research collaboration EnergyVille coordinates the operation. It ensures that the companies actively participate and achieve optimum results at the end of the process. Bart Vercoutere, CEO of i-Cleantech Flanders adds the following: “The central idea behind an energy network is that companies jointly look for the things that consume a lot of energy in their operations and that they learn from each other’s experiences. We consciously choose to join companies and organisations from different sectors into one network. The variety ensures that companies more easily question their own operation and by doing so, learn to look at their energy management with an open mind and clear vision.”

9 companies sign their VLEEN contract

9 companies located in Limburg will share their techniques and experiences during a period of 4 years: Aperam, Belorta, Conwed Plastics, H. Essers, Farm Frites, Moderna Printing, Profalu, Steenfabrieken Nelissen and Hospital East Limburg. Eric Bongaerts, CEO printing office Moderna explains why his company participates in this first VLEEN project: “We work in an energy-consuming sector, but we have been working with energy-efficient equipment for years. We are now even investing in renewable energy with our own wind turbine. We are sure that by participating in the VLEEN network, we will gain new insights and we will be able to make the right decisions via the exchange of knowledge.” Bernard Hallemans, Chief Technology Officer of Amperam has a similar view: “In recent years we have managed to reduce our energy consumption significantly. Thanks to the collaboration and exchange with other companies in this project we hope to realise additional improvements and new projects. We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint and wisely use natural resources. VLEEN can be a next step in that respect.”

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