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After a successful first drilling, VITO has launched the second drilling earlier this week. Just like last time, the temporary association Daldrup-Smet is performing the drilling.

The first drilling reached a depth of 3 610 m and was a verticle drilling. For the second drilling, VITO wants to reach the same depth, but slanted or ‘deviated’.

In practice this means that, in the deep subsurface, the second drilling will be located 1,2 km from the first drilling. Due to this slanting trajectory, the length of the second drilling will be longer than the first one.

Thanks to the second drilling, VITO will have a production ánd an injection well. This will be the basis for the construction of a so-called geothermal doublet. According to the schedule, the additional drilling will take four months, which means that by the end of June 2016, another pump test can take place. After this, VITO will be able to examine the geothermal reservoir ‘beneath our feet’. The cost of the second drilling is estimated at 6.5 million euros.

If all goes according to plan, VITO/SCK and Belgoprocess will be the first to make use of this environmentally friendly ánd CO2 neutral energy from the subsurface by September 2017.

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