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Yesterday (December 11, 2014) VITO, Luciad and FlightPlus were awarded at the 2014 SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) SWIM Master Class “Best in Class Awards” which took place in Brussel. During four months, 81 international teams were competing to become the 2014 SWIM "Best in Class". The consortium received the runner-up prize in the Applications category for their proposal on building a platform on Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems Very Low Level Operation Coordination (RPAS VLLOC). The SWIM-enabled application helps integrate very low level (VLL) RPAS into the European aviation system. This platform will enable the safe operation of RPAS in Europe.

The platform allows users to safely plan a VLL RPAS operation: when, where and which RPAS flights are planned? Additionally, users have an overview of all operations and can control, police, reject and even cancel these operations. The application and services are fully based on interoperable SWIM standards, and the partnership will work to commercialize the solution.

The SESAR SWIM Master Class is an annual competition hosted by the SESAR Joint Unit to promote SWIM-enabled application and information services.  For more information on the SESAR SWIM Master Class, please visit www.sesarju.eu/masterclass


About VITO

VITO is a leading European independent research and technology organisation in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today.  VITO provides innovative and high-quality solutions, whereby large and small companies can gain a competitive advantage, and advises industry and governments on determining their policy for the future. VITO has 750 highly-qualified employees who work on international projects all around the world, from Australia to Canada or India. VITO’s headquarters are located in Mol, Belgium. In China, VITO has a joint-venture.  The total turnover of VITO amounted to 131 million euros in 2013.

VITO’s research agenda tackles the major societal challenges we are facing today, with an overall focus on cleantech. VITO focuses on five different research programmes: sustainable chemistry, energy, health, materials management and land use.

VITO’s Remote Sensing Department contributes to VITO’s main research topic ‘Land Use’. With approximately 80 employees the department is constantly developing state-of-the-art multi- and hyperspectral earth observation system and improving its scientific support to enable end-users to collect, access and use reliable geo-information, hereby supporting sustainable land management.

The department is active in multiple remote sensing activities such as developing new remote sensing systems, sensors and platform, processing and distribution of multiple spaceborne/airborne data products and also designing several local, hyperspectral and global applications for end-users worldwide and this in several areas of expertise such as Environment, Agriculture, Food Security, Water Quality, Security, …


About Luciad

Luciad is the worldwide expert in geospatial software components for real-time situational awareness.Its software components are known for their flexibility, high performance and accuracy and play an invaluable role in the aviation, defense, maritime, safety and transport industries. By connecting directly to data sources, Luciad software not only analyzes and visualizes what is happening now, but also helps predict what will happen next – allowing users to act quickly and safely. “Connect, visualize, analyze, act” is both our method and our motto.


About FlightPlus

Flight Plus is a Belgian consultancy company providing dedicated services to the unmanned aviation community. Our team of consultants and specialists have a professional ATM (Air Traffic Management) background in both manned and unmanned aviation. We have worked together with government agencies, regulators, service providers, RPAS operators and the RPAS manufacturing industry, and have been at the forefront of some of the RPAS industry’s most promising developments. Flight Plus is also an active member of both the Belgian (BeUAS) and the international (UVSI) organisation for unmanned aircraft systems. The primary goal of Flight Plus is to facilitate the integration of the RPAS industry into the aviation system through the combined experience and dedication of our team.



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