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From idea to reality in 6 months

Turning an idea into reality is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs, both for start-ups as for those who are well-established in the industry. Developing an idea into a valid technology, with the right partner(s) and the necessary financing, requires expertise that does not belong to the enterprise’s core business or the starter’s education. VITO now launches the new concept of co-creation to realise this for others in a tight schedule, sc. 6 months.

The principles for co-creation range from inspiration to new business models that optimise business processes, to strengthening the competitive position or to facilitating new types of services. Sharing technological knowledge and innovative market insights between complimentary participants is also an important component. Moreover, VITO ensures maximum return on investment, as the co-creation process requires a minimal time investment and it is financed by co-funding. VITO also invests 280 research hours of VITO-experts to test the technological and financial feasibility of the ideas.

Aerial observation

The first research area in which VITO applies this is remote sensing. For this, VITO cooperates with relevant partners from the sector such as DronePortAgropolis, Innovation Support Center for Agricultural and Rural Development and the province of Limburg. The partners definitely play an important role in finding the right participants and in representing the potential end users of the ideas. In this first co-creation, VITO unites 10 selected participants to investigate the opportunities of remote sensing in the world of utilities and agriculture. VITO makes its expertise available in data recording via satellites, airplanes and drones with different types of sensors, in processing raw data into geomaps and in developing data-analysis algorithms for e.g. calculating  growth-index, monitoring pathologies or 3D visualisation. These technologies are suitable for use in sectors such as agriculture for e.g. harvest forecasts or disease detection, infrastructure for e.g. 3D visualisation or detection of change/objects, safety as for example crisis management or situational awareness and the study of vegetation such as biodiversity or land use.

Successful co-learning session

Interest in the VITO-initiative was particularly high among both start-ups as those who are well-established. Ten companies were selected to take part in the co-learning session on 22 March 2016. The participants acquired insights in the current and future technological trends and innovations as a source of inspiration, in combination with their proper market vision.

Artist Frederik Dewilde provided extra creativity focusing on the design perspective. Dewilde is known for combining art, science and technology.

The participant’s enthusiasm was very big. Following quotes are a prove of this:

“I have heard various, interesting points of view. Now we have to search for complementarity with the concerning companies. A few end users would strengthen the whole. The brainstorming session of 12 April will cast light on the missing links.”

“I am hoping to find a lot of technical answers to many questions, being able to use supportive computing facilities of VITO, getting to know and learning to use software.”

 “Today I have acquired a lot of information and I find the workshop very interesting. I have some homework to do and I need to reflect. I have learned that you need to calibrate, balance, …”

“I found this very inspiring. I am curious in which direction this will go, how definite everything will be.”

“The vibe is present.”

From co-learning to co-working

VITO and her partners will now cooperate with companies to elaborate new products/services by using the technologies that resulted from the co-learning session. To investigate the technological feasibility, VITO provides 280 man-hours. In addition, the market opportunities and the organisational and financial aspects will be examined as well. Based on the research results, all parties work together to turn the ideas into real business opportunities.

More news in 6 months.

Please contact Bart Dooms for more information (Tel +32 14 33 67 26).

From cleantech start-up to international growth company

Co-creation fits in the larger picture to valorise VITO technologies by means of the Lifecycle strategy from applied research. VITO gives all types of companies accurate guidance in every growing phase, also across the borders. As a Flemish strategic research institute for sustainable technology and development, we have the right tools and expertise at your disposal. More info: http://fca.be/en/article/cleantech-start-international-growth-business


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