After Mol, Antwerp, Mechelen and the Dutch town of Oss, young and old can now search for chemical elements in Herentals with their smartphone via the game ResourCity. The game was developed by VITO and could be launched in Herentals thanks to the support of the municipality and the province of Antwerp. The interactive water centre Hidrodoe also contributes.

Herentals is completely ready for the game: large signs with QR codes have been installed at six locations in the city. Anyone who scans them will automatically be directed to the site where they can download the app for free. Then the game can really start. No less than 80 chemical elements are on a route that runs through the three municipalities of Herentals.

"The chemical elements are linked to characteristics of the city that you wouldn't suspect as an unsuspecting wanderer", says Philip Marynissen (VITO). "Who would think that we could find platinum (platina) in the town hall?" It's a small wink, because those who have been married for 70 years do come to the town hall to celebrate their platinum wedding...

"We want to make it clear to everyone - but especially to young people - how full our whole environment is of chemical elements. This is the only way we can make people aware of how sparingly we have to handle raw materials and materials. As they search for those chemical elements - compare it to the popular Pokémon game - they are presented with interesting facts".

It was youth alderman Stefan Verraedt himself who joined to 'hide' chemical elements. "I'm very proud of it," he says. "We looked for places that have something to do with the chemical element, but above all are beautiful. And yes, for some elements you really have to make an effort to find them. This is also the case in nature. Not all elements are equally available."

In order to stimulate young people to play the game (and thus walk several kilometres), everyone who finishes the game gets a free entrance ticket from the interactive water centre Hidrodoe in Herentals.

This project was supported financially by the Province of Antwerp. The fact that delegate Ludwig Caluwé was present at the unveiling in Herentals proves that the province of Antwerp is keen on this project.

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