To realise a sustainable society we need detailed and objective insights into today. Combined with modelling and monitoring we can map out tomorrow's solutions.

There are many ways to make a house more energy efficient: better insulation, a heat pump ... The EnergyVille Building Energy Calculation Service, or EBECS tool, provides targeted advice for home renovation.

Today many waste streams are sub-optimally recycled because the quality of the materials is difficult to measure. VITO is developing a characterisation device that recognises each single particle in the waste. Over time, the new technology can make the separation and valorisation of waste more efficient.

The European project Human Biomonitoring for Europe (HBM4EU) started in January 2017. HBM4EU investigates which chemical substances we are exposed to and what consequences this has for our health. The results are translated into specific measures for policy makers. 28 countries are participating in the project.

Flanders will have an estimated 750 000 more residents by 2050. Where will they find a place for quality living and working? At the request of the Flemish government, VITO identified locations in Flanders that are easily accessible by public transport and that also have many amenities within walking or cycling distance.