Insights into today lead to concrete solutions for tomorrow. Solutions, based on technological innovations and expertise, that help you enhance your production processes sustainably. That inspire you to implement new business models. That support governments in making their municipality, city or region more sustainable.

Insects have two major advantages: they recycle waste and they produce raw materials. Moreover, raising insects is very environmentally friendly. Insects emit little CO₂, do not take up much space and consume little water.

A large part of the energy consumption in Flanders goes to heating and cooling. District heating networks can reduce that consumption considerably. VITO/EnergyVille is strongly committed to guidance and feasibility studies to win over local authorities and businesses.

Companies can turn to VITO to measure whether their product emits pollutants and whether it complies with the relevant legislation.

How can we produce algae more efficiently at lower cost and with greater sustainability in Belgium? This question is the starting point of four European projects that VITO is working on.

The production of renewable energy fluctuates depending on the availability of wind, sun … Good storage options for electricity are crucial to keeping supply and demand in balance. Europe wants to play a leading role in the development of this storage and to this end is also looking at battery technology.

Thanks to a membrane process, IOI Loders Croklaan, producer of edible oils, could save on energy consumption equivalent to 100 households each year. VITO developed the technology and worked with an international team on an initial pilot installation. Today the ceramic membrane is ready for broad market introduction.