There are many ways to make a house more energy efficient: better insulation, a heat pump ... The EnergyVille Building Energy Calculation Service, or EBECS tool, provides targeted advice for home renovation.

Calculation algorithms

The algorithms in the EBECS tool base themselves on the size of the house, family composition and the energy consumption of the residents. This is a big difference compared to the energy calculations for an EPB or EPC certificate, which only examine the building. Users can enter data about the condition of their home and their consumption. The tool is accurate and very user-friendly. For example, residents do not need to measure their homes themselves: entering their address is sufficient to determine the dimensions. Based on the volume of the dwelling, the surface area of the roof, the ground surface area and the facades, the tool calculates the best options for saving energy. VITO/EnergyVille developed the EBECS tool and has now put the service on the market through partners such as KBC and Cozie.