4 februari - 31 maart 2021

EnergyVille published a high profile study on the energy transition in September, exploring different routes for the Belgian energy transition. In this study, we developed different energy scenarios, each time starting from different perspectives. You can find that study here. Now we want to take the next step and lift the discussion to the next level. EnergyVille will organise debates with experts who play a key role in realising this turnaround. The goals and challenges of the transition will be put on the table. - Onshore wind session: 4/02/2021, 13h - PV session: 9/02/2021, 13h - Offshore wind session: 16/02/2021, 13h - Gas session: 4/03/2021, 13h - Summarising debate: 31/03/2021, 13h