FunMem®: Unveiling new opportunities for improved selectivity through mechanistic insights


The FunMem® technology is a unique proprietary method, co-developed by UAntwerpen and VITO. It provides organic surface modifi ed ceramic membranes with innovative properties. This platform technology creates unique tailor-made solutions for separations. It enables continuous separation of components that can otherwise not be separated, and replaces or intensifies solutions for existing solvent and aqueous based separation processes. It is a sustainable technology, severely reducing energy cost and environmental footprint. These membranes also have antifouling properties, enhancing operability and therefore reducing cleaning and production losses. The surface modifi cation technology is not limited to membranes but can also be implemented to other matrices and applications. By studying the mechanisms that play a role during modifi cation and application, insights in how to better control the surface properties and affi nity interactions are gained, thus enhancing performance and selectivity.

Competences gained at VITO and UAntwerpen

In addition to acquiring hard scientifi c and technical knowledge and gaining experience with several characterisation techniques, my PhD allowed me to improve on soft skills such as:

  • long term planning while maintaining clear priorities
  • being part of a diverse team while working on an individual project
  • mentoring students
  • training new (PhD) students on equipment/techniques
  • giving presentations for scientifi c and broad audiences
My added value

I am a person who solves problems by thinking outside of the box. Based on scientifi c knowledge I look at the full picture, taking all details into account. Applying scientifi c knowledge towards a practical application or solution is my strength. I always look for ways to improve and to keep learning. I am an active team player and I remain focused and calm, even when under pressure.

Using my scientific background and translating technical information in a way that helps customers to reach their goals or solve their problems is a challenge I would excel at.

Jeroen Van Dijck