R&D is at the heart of our organisation, with our R&D talent providing a strong foundation of knowledge. Each day, the 400-plus members of our R&D team work on developing powerful sustainable applications of technological research. But research is not our only focus, our organisation also engages in engineering and development. The outcomes include SCI papers, contract research for the public and private sector, patents and licenses, VITO spin-offs, pilot and demonstration projects, and much more. Turning technological research into tangible contributions is how we help to drive the transition to a sustainable society.

Available Jobs



R&D & Engineering

This position is part of the research team ‘Thermal Energy Systems’ of VITO/EnergyVille. The research domains of this team includes district heating/heat networks, thermal storage and conversion techniques.

  • As an R&D professional and product owner you are responsible for the ‘last mile to market’ process of the technologies developed by the team. This means:
    • From development of the technology/product to the TRL 9 (ready for the market)
    • Based and build upon a product valorization- and market plan
    • Actively demonstrating the technology by the use of pilots, nationally and internationally
    • Actively scouting for potential clients within the B2B market
  • Your final objective is successfully introducing the technology/product  to the market (est. 2 year period) with the option to create a spin-off/spin-out that you guard. 
  • You report the progression and results of these projects to the program manager
  • You work closely together with researchers of the ‘Thermal Energy Systems’ team, the business developer and possible technology partners
  • You are motivated to make a durable impact and difference on the market by the use of new technology. You are technical grounded and have a strong commercial drive.
  • Your initial market is Europe.


R&D & Engineering

Do you want to join the world of Remote Sensing?


As a part of VITO, an independent research and technology leader, VITO Remote Sensing offers expertise, knowledge, data, services and solutions in Earth observation. We want to bring the added value of remote sensing, a key enabler in our space economy. From user needs to technology and end-to-end EO support, from drones to aero planes to satellites, VITO Remote Sensing provides insights for diverse applications such as agriculture, vegetation, water & coast, climate, security and infrastructure.


VITO Remote Sensing doesn’t only observe the world, it’s also very much a part of it. From Belgium to Italy or China to Africa, our team serves an expansive network of customers and partners. With more than 80 national and international partners and active in more than 115 countries we offer Earth Observation solutions for both public organizations and industry.


To support our growth, we are seeking to strengthen our service-oriented teams with scientists, engineers and IT developers who have an interest in image processing, big data analysis, machine learning and deep learning techniques in the context of Earth Observation.


R&D & Engineering
  • In this position you will be a part of the research team ‘Thermal Energy Systems’ in VITO/EnergyVille. The research domain of this team includes district heating/heat networks, thermal storage and conversion techniques.
  • Your job responsibilities are (with a 60/40 ratio respectively):
    • defining and managing ground breaking integration projects and/or pilot-projects as a part of the demonstration and valorization component of the research lifecycle.
    • participating and contributing as a researcher/expert in the execution of these projects.
  • You report the progress and results of these projects to the program manager and/or client/sponsor.
  • You work closely together with researchers of the ‘Thermal Energy Systems’ team and are able to interact with other teams to maximize the valorization potential.
  • You are acquainted with the possible funding channels on European level and, are experienced in bringing partners together in a triple helix setup (industry, government and research).
  • You actively maintain your network and create sufficient visibility for the ongoing initiatives.


R&D & Engineering
  • In the team of ‘Energy Markets’ you will be the expert on Innovative Energy Market design. You elaborate your research expertise in the field of innovative market designs, taking into account regulation of energy markets with high shares of (distributed) renewable energy sources, storage and demand response.
  • You are able to pinpoint the regulatory, societal, and technical challenges in the energy sector and devise creative concepts to solve them.
  • You position yourself as an expert regarding innovative energy market design and you apply your knowledge to academic and industrial/business research projects in an international context.
  • Your drive is to contribute to the energy transition by devising and scrutinizing new concepts and implementing them in different projects.
  • You are skilled to write project proposals within your area of expertise and lead various innovative smart grid projects in multidisciplinary teams. 


R&D & Engineering
  • You apply your academical knowledge of chemistry for the development of durable industrial processes (synthesis, surface modification, catalysis, separation processes) 
  • You transform theoretical concepts to practical applications. E.g based upon reaction models, process flows,… a practical application is formed.
  • You analyze and control the economic feasibility and relevance of your research.
  • Your work is strategical-goal oriented: you maintain attention towards the real-life applicability of your research.
  • Your research implies transdisciplinary teamwork: with a multitude of scientific disciplines and the synergy effect as a key asset, you co-create results.
  • You valorize your research results; you protect and/or publish them using different means


R&D & Engineering
  • As part of the ‘Built Environment’ team in VITO/EnergyVille you will facilitate the transition towards clean energy within the urban environment focusing on the buildings, districts and urban energy- and climate planning
  • You coordinate challenging research projects, either financed or in a consulting set-up.
  • You manage the progression of the project team within our organization, aligned with the (international) partners involved
  • Being a Project Coordinator, you are the first point of contact for the customer and act as representative at public events
  • You take the lead regarding the operational organization within our team: monitoring of contracts, team planning and the financial follow-up of the different projects


R&D & Engineering

VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research) is a leading European independent research institute in the domain of cleantech and sustainable development.


The production of sustainable chemicals, materials and energy is at the core of the bio-economy. Biomass is the raw material that has been chosen to replace the known fossil resources. The bio-economy existed even before the age of fossil fuels, but it needs to be reintroduced today. Numerous new supply chains, value chains and business models are currently being developed, which may be able to contribute to the transition towards a bio-economy.

In order to be successful, sufficient biomass must be available throughout the supply chain. This biomass must be of a high quality and come at the right time and price. In short, the right mobilisation strategy is needed. Without it, the whole chain, or parts of it, are at risk of being organised in an inefficient or suboptimal manner. Our team is seeking the best possible organisation of supply chains, taking the transport, storage, various process steps and specific wishes of the client into consideration. In order to do so, we are using a combination of geographical information (GIS) and optimisation models.


To strengthen our team, we are looking for a R&D professional Bio-Economy Supply Chains that will help us to develop mobilization strategies for innovative supply chains in the bio-economy.



  • You will mainly provide desktop research and you combine scientific research with consulting for the private and public sector.
  • You implement (inter)national projects with a focus on further development of current internal know-how and models.
  • You report the results to our clients (Flemish and European) and to the scientific community.
  • You take into account the valorisation options for your research results, in order to providing relevant information, solutions, recommendations, processes or products to SMEs, authorities and industry.
  • You will work in a team, will also carry out research projects independently on a longer run, and will be able to identify routes for new developments.
  • At a later stage, you assist in drawing up offers and in seeking funding opportunities.


R&D & Engineering
  • As a senior consultant, you will advise industry and policy makers operating at Flemish and international level on the development of their energy and climate strategy.
  • You are responsible for coordinating and conducting consultative assignments within time and budget.
  • You will contribute to the further development of optimization and simulation models of the energy system, using internationally developed software such as VEDA-TIMES, among other tools.
  • You will interpret the model results and on this basis, formulate scientific recommendations tailored to the client's needs. You will report the research results to our clients (authorities and industry).
  • You will take the lead in writing client offers, research proposals and seeking funding opportunities.
  • You will continue expanding your knowledge of energy system/strategy/models on the basis of literature, courses and on-the job experience. Within your area of expertise involving energy modelling, you will be an active follower of the trends and the studies carried out by other consultants, research institutions and universities.
  • You will work in a team, but will also be responsible for carrying out consultative assignments independently. You will identify routes for new developments, playing an active role in exploring research questions for industrial sectors and federations.


R&D & Engineering

The Remote Sensing unit processes petabytes of earth observation data. We primarily specialise in Big Data analysis with the use of machine learning and deep learning techniques in the application workflows.  That is our passion: the extraction of information from the vast amounts of incoming images... Information required by our clients. Our extensive group of clients can be found within the domains of land use, civil infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, water management, heritage and ecological development. Visit https://remotesensing.vito.be for more information about our activities.

We are currently seeking a motivated


As a Data Scientist, you will work within a group of software developers and application engineers. You will move in international circles with clients such as the European Space Agency, the European Commission, federal and regional governments. Our research is often carried out in partnership with foreign research groups and companies.


  • You translate user requirements into a system design
  • You develop back-end systems, web services and APIs
  • In close collaboration with the application scientists, you design and implement algorithmic components by using Java, Python, R and C++
  • You collaborate on cluster computing and workflow components
  • You constantly monitor the benefits and user experience quality for the customer
  • You manage subcontractors
  • You report your progress and results to our customers and our management
  • You will be actively involved in the creation of project proposals
  • You follow the trends within your field of expertise and use the obtained knowledge in order to build prototypes (data science, machine learning, public cloud, cluster/grid computing, etc.).


R&D & Engineering

As a researcher, you will contribute to the Flemish, European and international environmental policy relating to air quality.

  • You develop models that simulate and predict the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere. These models will be used to support the environmental policy of Flemish and foreign authorities and the industry. Urban air quality is a focus area of the team. 
  • You are responsible for analysing model results and reporting to the client or the end user. Processing of (large) data sets therefore plays an important role.
  • You integrate your knowledge and expertise in collaborative projects with your fellow researchers, report the results of these and publish them in academic journals.


R&D & Engineering

Our energy system is undergoing a fundamental transition and end-users and other stakeholders undoubtedly play a role in that process. As part of an interdisciplinary team, we make use of integrated energy system analysis to collate knowledge from a variety of fields (technical, economic and socio-scientific) and to make it available for the purpose of policy-making and strategy development. With this position, we are seeking an expert to strengthen our team who has experience in the social aspects of the energy system, especially end-user behaviour, end-user participation, technology acceptance and investment behaviour.


  • As an expert, you will support the development of Flemish and European energy and climate policy, focusing on the role of social stakeholders within the energy system.
  • You will work in a team, but will also carry out research projects independently and will be able to identify routes for new developments.
  • You actively expand your knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energy policy on the basis of literature, courses and on-the-job experience. Within your area of expertise, you will actively follow the trends and studies carried out by other research institutions and universities.
  • You contribute to the writing of tenders and research proposals, assist with seeking out funding opportunities for proposals, and undertake projects on a national and international level focusing on the further development of the existing models.
  • You report the results of research to our clients (Flemish and European) and to the scientific community.


R&D & Engineering

The team ‘Built environment’ of VITO/EnergyVille evaluates the environmental impact of building  materials, -elements and buildings and energy technologies. We advise industry and governments regarding innovative solutions and alternative production- and construction methods. We are looking for an experienced lifecycle analysist (LCA) to strengthen our team. 

  • In this function you work as a senior expert in financed research projects (e.g. H2020) and in addition in consultancy assignments for governments or industry.
  • You bring innovation to our domain of expertise by providing and building up new methods and knowledge regarding circular economy, alternatives for digitalization of LCA/LCC assessments, innovative data strategies (link with GIS, BIM,…). You contribute to the development of innovative tools and solutions in regards to the (future) needs of our customers.
  • As a project coordinator you guide the progress of the internal project team and you align with the concerned external partners. You are the first point of contact for the client and the representative for these projects at stakeholders forums and public events.
  • You take care of the collaboration within the national and European consortia and expand your network with Belgian and European governments and industrial partners.
  • You contribute to the acquisition of projects and to the writing of tenders and project proposals.


R&D & Engineering
  • You will be responsible for developing, analysing and modelling electric energy storage systems. The activities undertaken will range from simulating (including finite element simulations) to the technological design and development of innovative systems based on electric energy storage (including publications and patents).
  • The extensive field of research in which you will work involves the production, storage and consumption of electric energy. Within that field, you will focus upon electric energy storage systems and the service life of these systems.
  • You will develop a sufficiently broad and, at the same time, in-depth knowledge and utilise this in your research, enabling you to study, analyse and evaluate the problems and technical feasibility of innovative electric energy storage technologies in the context of smart grids.
  • You will publish and present research findings, both internally and externally to our clients.
  • You will publish and present research findings in peer-reviewed international journals. You will present research findings at international forums.
  • You will provide general support within ongoing projects and enthusiastically participate in the development of the 'smart systems for intelligent energy networks' program.


R&D & Engineering
  • In the team of ‘Strategic Energy Research Roadmaps and Valorisation’ you will be responsible for the coordination of our research activities in the field of LVDC grids and grid decision support tools for system operators.
  • You develop, coordinate and follow up the successful implementation and valorisation of a strategic research roadmap in the field of LVDC grids and grid decision support tools for system operators in the context of smart grids for future sustainable energy systems with high shares of distributed renewable energy sources.
  • Within your roadmaps, you  bridge the gap between fundamental academic research and applied, pre-commercial research by detecting current and future business needs and connecting them to academic research questions and results.
  • You acquire and maintain a good knowledge and view on technology and research tendencies in the field of LVDC grids and system operation, and you are able to translate them into a vision, a concrete roadmap and an implementation plan.
  • You are able to inspire and motivate research teams across different projects and teams to actively contribute to the successful execution of those roadmaps with societal and technological impact on international level.
  • You pay attention to long term and short term business opportunities, and associated research valorisation strategies in close cooperation with business developers at EnergyVille. You actively protect IPR through the development of patentable technology and you are able to valorise them through licensing, as well as through strategic contract research with industry and technology users.
  • You position yourself both internally in the research team, as well as externally as a polyvalent project leader regarding the topics of LVDC grids and grid decision support tools in the context of future energy markets and power systems.
  • You represent EnergyVille for the abovementioned research activities and roadmaps on both national and international level at scientific and business forums.
  • You are able to independently write large research proposals, acquire and manage international research projects end-to-end.
  • You are actively working on broadening your scientific (inter)national network.


R&D & Engineering

The next few years will be characterised by the electrification of heating, transport and industrial equipment, further improvements in the energy efficiency of a range of systems, a further increase in the number of renewable energy sources and changing behaviour patterns among consumers. These developments will give rise to a number of technical challenges, bringing with them an exponential increase in the application of power electronics and placing pressure on the existing parts of the electricity grid. In order to tackle these challenges, innovative concepts must be developed that allow the use and integration of electrical storage systems to be simplified. These concepts must be tested under realistic conditions and the required power electronics, electrical components and sub-systems must also be designed.  If you are interested in working with Vito/EnergyVille to set out the course, you could be our new colleague.

  • In this regard, you will provide technical and creative leadership in a small, flexible and efficient project team. 
  • You are point of contact for the client and you will be responsible for identifying and mapping out the client's challenges and analysing them quickly and appropriately as well as developing, designing, implementing, testing and benchmarking innovative prototypes for power electronics or electrical components and subsystems that will form an essential part of the solution.
  • You will report on your work both internally and externally to our clients.
  • You will arrange appropriate protection for your inventions in the form of patent applications and licensable designs. Once protection has been put in place, you will present your findings at international forums.
  • You will maintain and continue to expand a broad and, at the same time, in-depth knowledge with regard to applications and state-of-the-art components.
  • You will provide technical coaching to the project team and will act as a first point of contact for employees involved in other projects requiring technical advice.

Our projects are highly varied, as our clients come from both the industry and the government, in our country and abroad. Speaking of an international, open and diverse working environment: no fewer than 100 of our 750 employees come from outside Belgium, because at VITO they have found a unique environment where they can make full use of their R&D talents. Here you can build up a valuable professional network that you can rely on throughout your career.

Our R&D positions cover a wide spectrum. This gives you a choice as a researcher between opportunities and challenges in our various units and segments. And there is more: we commit ourselves to creating an excellent research environment, among other things, by having a clear HR strategy for researchers.

No suitable job openings at the moment? We're always on the lookout for top talent. Send us your application and we'll get back to you when something opens up.

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