At VITO, we are trying to create a society where sustainability is the norm. We work on projects worldwide that achieve the transition to sustainability. We innovate through technological solutions and actively share our knowledge with companies and authorities. Would you like to make a difference with us? If you do, feel free to apply for one of our jobs.

R&D is at the heart of our organisation, with our R&D talent providing a strong foundation of knowledge. Each day, the 400-plus members of our R&D team work on developing powerful sustainable applications of technological research. But research is not our only focus, our organisation also engages in engineering and development. The outcomes include SCI papers, contract research for the public and private sector, patents and licenses, VITO spin-offs, pilot and demonstration projects, and much more. Turning technological research into tangible contributions is how we help to drive the transition to a sustainable society.

Do you have exceptional commercial skills and an affinity with technology, science and policy advice? Then we need you to help us realize our strategy and create impact. By developing new business opportunities, market insights and listening to the needs of the industry you will focus on valorising our research in close cooperation with our experts. 

Today, we have around 100 colleagues fulfilling a diverse range of IT roles across our business units and the central IT department. IT capabilities are of vital importance to our research projects. As part of a multidisciplinary project team, you will have responsibility for all IT aspects within our research projects.

Your knowledge creates impact

Sindy Sterckx works as a researcher in the Remote Sensing department. She calibrates camera sensors and processes images generated from space and from the air, including from the Belgian ‘microsatellite’ PROBA-V, balancing the technical side of her work with providing service to end-users. "I am familiar with both the algorithms behind the image processing and the various applications of remote sensing, such as monitoring vegetation or mapping water quality.




Our R&D positions cover a wide spectrum. This gives you a choice as a researcher between opportunities and challenges in our various units and segments. And there is more: we commit ourselves to creating an excellent research environment, among other things, by having a clear HR strategy for researchers.

Our projects are highly varied, as our clients come from both the industry and the government, in our country and abroad. Speaking of an international, open and diverse working environment: no fewer than 100 of our 750 employees come from outside Belgium, because at VITO they have found a unique environment where they can make full use of their R&D talents. Here you can build up a valuable professional network that you can rely on throughout your career.

The VITO organizational values support the VITO change vision. They are meant to be more than just a picture on the wall, a company culture based on these values can drive the VITO strategy to results. The resulting behaviour and the actions that people take building on these values, that is what makes the difference. The VITO Code of Conduct, together with the mission and values, forms an essential part of our VITO culture.

Creating sustainable impact

VITO Alumni network

If you have worked at VITO – whether as a staff member, PhD student, postdoc or visiting researcher – it will always prove insightful to stay in touch with your former VITO colleagues. Their continued pursuit of different but equally challenging professional paths will keep you connected to VITO’s vision for an accelerated transition to a sustainable world.


VITO’s research is based solidly on sustainability. However, VITO also wishes to play an exemplary role by continuing to make its organisation more sustainable. We are doing this in the OnePlanet@VITO project.


VITO is a leading international research and consulting centre. Its research agenda focuses on today’s major social challenges: climate change, food security, raw materials scarcity, a sustainable energy supply and an ageing population. In this way, VITO supports not only the future vision of Flanders but also the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.